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Our mission is quite simple. Just brew like a maniak! Not just talk about it, but act. Always looking for something new. A different approach to an existing style, as long as it is unique and has character. We do not strive to be the best, because then you have the focus on others and you simply cannot argue about taste. We focus on ourselves and strive for pure products with a pronounced taste. And every day we are looking for that beer that can make your day and bring a happy smile to you. Preferably as hoppy as possible to shake up those taste buds. Because hop, we love that. So sit back, relax and enjoy our hoppy beers.


Our beer journey so far. Started with an ipa, which we gave the name "hop makes life". The next goal was to be able to order and drink our own brewed beer somewhere on a terrace. That dream came true at Slinders in Nederwetten. Would participation in a beer festival be possible with only 2 beers? Mark of E-drinks dared and we were allowed to be at E-drinks beer festival. Several festivals, liquor stores and catering followed. Fortunately, the locations where they sell our beer are just as enthusiastic as we are and that gives us the energy to further expand Engelbertus. In any case, we get a terribly happy cake! Cheers to the future.